Why Buy An Electric Bike?

One of the main factors that you must consider when buying an electric bicycle is the electric bicycle battery. This small contraption is the one that you need to power up your electric bicycle, without which, you would be left to pedal for the entire length of the distance that you need to cover.

Advantages of Using an Electric Bicycle

Bicycles are one of the most cost effective and environment-friendly forms of transportation. However, this may only be viable when you need to travel short distances, or perhaps several kilometers if you are extremely fit.

wave ebike

One way that you can use a bicycle without getting that worn out afterwards, is by using a Wave electric bicycle, which has power-assisted cycling which actually does not require you to pedal using all your might. An electric bicycle battery powers up the motor connected to the pedal.

The good thing is you have the option to let the motor do most of the pedaling for you. However, this can wear out your motor faster, and the electric bicycle battery would be consumed more quickly. Still, the convenience that you get in not being so tired after cycling for a number of kilometers is worth it. It enables you to reserve energy to do other worthwhile tasks afterwards.

Types of Batteries for an Electric Bicycle

Litihium Ion is among the most common types of batteries that power different motors. It is extremely light and very easy to maintain. It can be charged very fast whenever you need it in just a few short minutes. This type of battery is expensive but it is the most widespread and convenient electric bicycle battery around.

The Nickel Metal Hydride is another popular type of battery for electric bicycles. Just like the Lithium Ion battery, it has the ability to charge quickly and is also buoyant. However, in cold weather, its performance is not so good as compared to how it works during other types of weather.

Another popularly used electric bicycle battery is the Sealed Lead Acid. A lot of bicycles nowadays use this type of battery since it is almost maintenance-free. It is actually quite heavy and weighs an average of 30 lbs. Unlike the Lithium Ion and the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, the Sealed Lead Acid cannot be charged quickly.

The most expensive type of battery is the Lithium Polymer. It only weighs at an average of 10 lbs so you can always expect your bicycle to be lighter on the road. The Lithium Polymer is more stable compared to the other types of batteries. This Men’s Fitness article fills in the details.

How to Choose an Electric Bike Battery

Any consumer who would be purchasing something should always consider different factors before making the actual purchase. When it comes to choosing the right electric bicycle battery, you need to consider its price, weight, and material. The price should always match the features of the battery such as its capacity to be fast-charged and stability. The weight should be light, so that it is easier to pedal.

For instance, if you would be using your bicycle everyday when you go to work, then an electric bicycle \ Lithium type battery would probably be your best option. Most Lithium types can be fast-charged, a function which you need whenever you are always in a hurry.

On the other hand, if you do not go cycling as often, you can settle for heavier batteries. They can still serve your electric bicycle needs and would not cost you as much money as lighter batteries.

While it is true that the life of the electric bicycle battery will not last forever, you can always maximize it by recharging it after every use. You can also pedal while cycling, especially when the terrain is uphill, because in a way you are helping the battery by not wearing it out.