Fraternity Management and OurHouse Software

Sometimes your recruitment program need a quick jolt to get things rolling. In this post I am going to describe five quick events that you can have planned in less than five minutes total. Also these events will cost you little to no money at all (like most recruitment events should be).

It is important to note that not all “recruitment events” have to be formal, advertised, or even require more than yourself to run properly. These strategies can be done by an individual person, and become more effective with more brothers using them. The most important thing is that almost all of these events you will be doing in an average day already, so no extra time is wasted in planning.

Pick Up Game Of Anything: Pick up a football, soccer, basketball, Frisbee, and go out and play. By using effective word of mouth marketing you will turn a common sporting event into a recruitment outing to be remembered. Simply grab a few brothers and start telling as many people as you know to join at a time and place, encourage those people to invite their friends, bring roommates and tell others.

My fraternity has effectively done this each semester by asking as many people as possible to play dodge ball, typically the games will turn into about 20 vs. 20 with only about ten brothers showing up.

One thing that really helps with all aspects of Greek chapter management is OurHouse. OurHouse is both a mobile app and a web platform, and is designed to handle all aspects of managing a fraternity chapter. From the admin panel you can create custom events, edit a calendar, plan out meals, and set up communication options for frat members. I can’t stress enough how this software makes managing a fraternity (or sorority) so much easier, and results in a much better experience for all members.

Any Event Going on at Campus: Why plan when it is already done? Look at your schools event calendar and see what is going on around campus. Have as many brothers as you can show up to the largest social event you can find and talk to as many people as you can. This is a great tool that should be used to drive numbers to more of your recruitment events. People love to be social, simply invite them to come out to anything else your fraternity has planned (you don’t have to advertise it as a fraternity event) and people are bound to show up.

Study Day: Have a big test coming up? A big paper due? So does just about every student on campus, and in particular every single person in your class. Set up some one on one or group study sessions with people from your classes and in between studying you will get to know these people better. Slowly introduce them to your fraternity and they will already know you are about allot more than just sports and being social. Have a bunch of brothers do a “studying blitz” and you can make allot of new friends who will become brothers.

You Gotta Eat: Are you going to eat today? Yes? Good. Have your brothers meet up with as many Non-Greek Life members as possible to just eat and chat. Get to know more people on a personal level, and eventually be able to invite them to come out to events. Recruitment does not have to be difficult, simply incorporate things you were going to do during the day anyway, and invite people to join along for it to become a simple recruitment event (even if the person has no idea it is one.)

Working Out: As I have mentioned in a prior article here you can not afford not to exercise. The benefits far outweigh the time investment and it can help you find more potential new members. Go to your gym and be social, many of the people you will see in the gym go their the same time every day, that is an easy friend to be made.

Set up a time to work out together, there will be plenty of down time to talk. Again, as you get to know these people it becomes easier to invite them to more formal recruitment events. The more social you are the more people who will join your chapter. This College Express article is a good primer on daily college life.

All of these events can be planned in less than five minutes total. A group text message can be sent to gather interest to play a sport. You already have to study, so do it in a group. There are already events going on campus, so grab some brothers and be social. Everyone will be eating, so do it together.

Finally, get some exercise done, the people who exercise are typically at the same place at the same time every day you can make an easy friend. Recruitment does not have to be high budgeted activities, simply do the things you were already planning on doing and add a recruitment twist.